I AM 2003 Inclusive Adult Education Model

Grundtvig 1 / Socrates Project


It is taken for granted that people without disabilities are able to broaden their knowledge and personal abilities. This is not the case for people with mental and learning disabilities as the majority of open education services are not designed for this target group. However, the demand for further education services for disabled people is continuously increasing.

With a transnational cooperation, the presented project shall design, test and circulate an inclusive adult education model for the target group disabled people. A European cooperation network shall also be set up in order to open and facilitate the admission of disabled people into lifelong learning.

The inclusive adult education model as the central result of the project shall be available in the national languages of the participating countries as well as in English a handbook as a guideline for the design, organization and implementation of inclusive education in open educational institutions; a curriculum for the acquisition of a basic qualification for disabled people with the educational aim to prepare disabled people for regular public educational services; an educational CD-ROM for the training of the basic qualification; a curriculum for the training of the assistants (educational assistants), to support disabled people during the course of their education; test and evaluation reports that have been attained from the different pilot studies and groups.

The inclusive adult education model shall be made available for circulation by means of CD-ROM with handbook at the end of the project. It is expected that there will be a higher rate of circulation due to the planned construction of a European network in the inclusive educational sector and a close co-operation with existing projects addressing similar topics.



•  DIA -SPORT Association, Bulgaria

Project meeting in Graz , Austria ,
22 nd -25 th October 2003

•  Lebenshilfe , Austria

•  The Styrian Proffesion Association for workers and Employees, Austria

•  Joanneum Research , Austria

•  Club 82, Germany

•  Qualification centre Janeza Levca , Slovenia

•  Ufficio Politiche Comunitarie, Comuine di Colleffero, Italy

•  National Institute of Vocational Education, Hungary


Project duration:

•  2003 2005