SELF AND THE STRANGER – International Youth Seminar, Strausberg, Germany,
Youth programme of the EC

Strausberg, Germany
12.07. – 25.07. 2003

This was an intercultural project under the “Youth” Programme of the European Union. The participating countries were: Bulgaria, France, Romania, The Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, and Germany, which was also the host of the event. The project was mainly about the conduct of 5 seminars, connected to the acquisition of new cultural values and creative skills in the young participants. Most of the leaders of the national groups were also chairmen of the seminars. The main languages, on which the seminars were conducted, were German and English.

The participants from the Bulgarian side were: Emilia Atanasova (48), leader Adriana Shekerdjiyska (14), Elina Georgieva (15), Hikolay Punchev (16), Andrey Aleksandrov (15), Elena Stoilova (16), Kristina Tsvetanova (17).

The Bulgarian participants spoke either one of the two main languages of both of them, so they didn’t have any problems in the communication. While preserving their national identity, the Bulgarian group found its rightful place among the other participants. They made also many new friends and have represented their country the best way they can.

Bulgaria had participants in each of the seminars, which were:
Theatre and Dance (Elena and Nikolay), Sculpture and Wood-carving (Andrey), Drawing and Batiks (Krisitina and Adriana), Photography and Sound (Elina), Documentation (Emilia Atanasova).

The purpose of each of the seminars was to show the participants the specific means of expression of the respective art and ended with a presentation of the results. For example the seminar “Theatre” showed a play, which was a mixture between pantomime and dance. The seminars “Sculpture and Wood-carving” and “Drawing and Batiks” made exhibitions of wood-carved figurines and painted fabrics. The participants from “Photography and Sound” made a final presentation-performance of their photos in five main topics, accompanied by carefully selected music. The seminar in “Documentation” helped the participants to develop journalist skills and helped them make reports, chronicles and interviews.