A good health condition is the main prerequisite for the right development and functioning of a human organism. There are many reasons which lead to temporary and lasting harms of the health. The children’s pathology as a result of broken ecological conditions, stress, a number of social problems in the society and some other factors, has been increased. At the same time there exist a variety of possibilities for increasing of bodily strengths of the organism.

Various forms of sports activities are one of the main conditions for gaining in health.
A moderate and well balanced physical activity and rest are aimed at increasing the physical and mental capacities and stabilizing and enlarging the social life of children and adolescents who suffer from diseases due to environmental and living conditions [ diabetes, bronchial asthma, etc.] and contribute to their complete development as they assist in building up a solid social structure.

That’s why the increase in the physical activity is one of the main directions set up in the materials of the World Health Organization, defining the health policy for Europe “ Health for All in the Twenty-first Century”. DIA-SPORT Association plays an important role in the working out and implementation of health programs, an element of which is bringing together children and adolescents with socially significant chronic diseases in sports activities in each area or district.

This could help to decrease the tendency to an excessive “media consumption” by the young people (watching TV is related mainly to the passive consumption of information, which leads to a lack of further social contact).
The establishment of strong non-government organizations (of “patients”) for self-help is an excellent possibility for ensuring a better training of the patients and their families (with the joint efforts and skills of medical professionals and experts in remedial gymnastics, etc.) in the respective worked-out special programs.

- Clinic of pulmology and respiratory allergy-Pediatrics department of the Medical University, Sofia
- Diabetes department - Pediatrics department of the Medical University, Sofia
- Diabetes dispensary to Saint Lucas Cathedral Clinic, Sofia
- Lozenetz Sports remedial Center
- Levski - sport club
- Triaditza - municipality
- Sofia - municipality

The main tasks which we set ourselves are the following:

- To create conditions, by targeted sports activities, for a normal life of children and adolescents with health problems(suffering from social significant chronic diseases due to living conditions - diabetes, bronchial asthma, etc.) and their families.
- To contribute ( at least partially )through sports activities to the solving of the problem of social integration, and subsequently the professional one of these children.
· To stimulate the building-up of a stable system for self-help for children and adolescents who suffer from diabetes, bronchial asthma and other diseases due to living conditions, as well as for their families and relatives.
1. Inception phase
1.1 Working out of special programs for sports activities for the various diseases / together with teams of specialists, methodologists, dieticians and experts in the field of remedial gymnastics /.
1.2 Working out of a program for control of the health condition of the children for the time of implementation of the project.
1.3 Arranging for sports base.
2 Main phase
2.1 Types of sports’ activities
- swimming
- Taekwon-do
- remedial gymnastics
2.2 Work with parents and relatives of the children. A permanent contact with them / discussions; seminars; special information; brochures; leaflets; etc. /.
2.3 Tournaments, organized with the aim to be presented the achievements of the children / swimming competitions, examinations for the groups playing Taekwon-do for winning belts, participation in the International Challenge Day, celebration of the International Diabetes Day - 14.November, celebration of the end of the school year, a Christmas party, a single 5-day ski-course, a shooting tournament, etc./.
2.4 Cooperation with the health and school institutions.
2.5 Cooperation with municipalities and other organizations.

DIA-SPORT Association has an experience in involving the institutions, society and specialists for work with children and adolescents, suffering from socially significant chronic diseases due to living conditions.


Analysis of the health condition of children in the beginning and at the end of the sports activity. A survey among the children and their families about the results of the implementation of the program.