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BAZAAR – Learn and Exchange at the market place is a Grundtvig Multilateral Project funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme. The project builds on the idea of the “bazaar”, the market place, as communication, easy to reach, informal exchange of lots of things: products, skills, ideas and stories.

It is aimed at promoting language skills in 5 target languages & other competences of the communication area, learning to learn capabilities and motivation to learn among hard to reach groups such as adult migrants, of older age and not included in the labour market, engaging them in their everyday activities and thus triggering motivation to learn on securité linguistique. It will do this job building on active learning set in the informal and highly interactive scenario of the shopping activities at the market place /shopping centre, through the cooperation of several “on-the-spot-trainers” and “on- the- spot –supporters” that facilitate learning and render it a result of social interaction rather than merely a process of knowledge transfer.

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Project Promoter

Società Cooperativa Sociale BorgoRete (IT)

Project Partners

Comune di Perugia (IT)

Cukurova University (TR)

The MRS Consultancy Ltd. (GB)


DIA-SPORT Association (BG)

Palco de Sombras, Lda (PT)

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In line with the EU strategic vision for 2020, as outlined in the Communication “Adult learning: It is never too late to learn”, Bazaar will respond to the learning needs of the specific groups of migrant men/women living in the EU countries participating to the project. It will do so with an innovative attempt to bring the opportunity to learn into the everyday lives of the target groups, developing the market and the shopping centres (being the latter already rich in social and cultural signifiers) as true “community learning places”. It will thus address the aims of the Grundtvig Programme trying to increase adult participation to lifelong learning and specifically amongst adult and risk of social marginalization, aiming at widening access of adults to basic skills such communication in the target language and finally developing innovative approaches to the teaching and learning of host country languages for immigrants.

Bazaar‘s general objectives are: 

Bazaar will accomplish the following specific objectives:

Recognising and valorising the competences of peer trainers that is people with migrant background informally engaged into the adult education path proposed by the different partners in the different countries.

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01. January 2013 – 31. December 2014