T-PICAL  - Trainers’ Partnership to Improve the intercultural, social and professional Competencies of Adult Learners

(Grundtvig – Partnerships Program)



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Overview top


T-PICAL international partnership aims the improvement of the professional skills of trainers in order to help adult learners developing intercultural, social and professional competences and make them more adaptable to the changing society and to the requirements of the European labor market.   This project’s main objective is willing to be done by covering the intercultural dialogue (intercultural competences), the active citizenship (social competences) and last but not least – increasing the active participation on the labor market (professional competences. Of course the implementation of the mentioned above main objective is not possible without teaching trainers how to improve their social and professional competences of adult learner. Therefore, T-PICAL partnership has developed as its main goal the creation of some basic modules, aiming to make this process easier.


Partners top


1.           - SAS AFEC (France) – coordinator

2.           - DIA-SPORT association (Bulgaria) – partner

3.           - Business & Development Center (Poland) – partner

4.           - Desincoop (Portugal) – partner

5.           - ANTARES (Italy) – partner




Background top

Social exclusion goes together with professional exclusion, especially in the case of adult learners with special need such as long-term unemployed, disabled, migrants and etc. Moreover, intercultural competences are an important factor for social cohesion and professional integration. From this comes and the need from adaptation into the changing multicultural society and environment as a whole. Furthermore, this adaptation is also concerning the requirements of the European labour market.

T-PICAL project’s developers believe that with a better intercultural, social and professional competences, adult learners can actively participate to the Lisbon objective under the heading “To make the European Union the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion, and respect for the environment by 2010”.  All of this can be considered as the main resource for the T-PICAL project’s idea.


Activities top



 - First project meeting  -02.02.2009, Paris/France

 - Second project meeting – 14/18 June 2009, Bordeaux/France

 - Third project meeting – 30.September/02.October 2009, Sofia/Bulgaria

 - Fourth project meeting – 23/25.February 2010, Guimaraes/Portugal

 - Fifth project meeting – 19/20.April 2010, Rzeszow/Poland

 - Sixth project meeting - 14/15.June 2010 Rome/Italy

Results top

Here are and some of the concrete results which the project will obtain:

          - Creation of a European network of trainers


          - Exchange of training methods, tools and practices


          - Organizing exchange of trainers and learners between the European countries: France, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Italy.


          - Compilation of the results of the exchange in a “Compendium of European best practices : how to improve the professional skills of trainers in order to develop the intercultural, social and professional competences of adult        learners”


Press releases top


Gallery -project meetings (Paris, Bordeaux, Guimaraes  2009/2010)

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