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Overview top



This project wishes to carry out an international small scale research on the subject connected with all forms and manifestations of bullism and to organize a series of workshops in order to raise awareness on the topic and to make teachers, parents, educators and operators more skilled to face these problems in the course of their professional work. Moreover, the project aims helping young victims in overcoming the possible aggressions and their psychological and physicals results.



Partners top

  Prhomos association (Italy) – coordinator

Estonian Survival Society (Estonia) –partner

    Dia-Sport association (Bulgaria) – partner

  Menderes İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü - partner

Target groups top

NGO representatives, local authority representatives, representatives of the Businesses in the face of branch unions and representatives from the Ministry of the Interior from the municipalities of Stara Zagora , Plovdiv , Haskovo, Yambol and Burgas.


Background top

Speaking about Bullism in which are hidden also the words aggressors and victims, bring us to speak more about violence. After gathering a quite large sum of information about the concrete matter, the project coordinator’s organization main goal is focusing the public attention on the discomfort of young children, silently touching families in their role as an inseparable part of the society.

The media and the news are constantly testifying about increasing of the cases where children and teenagers are displaying aggressive behaviour between each other. Moreover, the situation is even scarier because there are also children displaying ill-treatment of disabled people and the sexual harassment.  Often, this phenomenon, together with other factors, brings cases of crucial importance of early school leavers too. Moreover the “Cyberbullism”, on the Internet, should not be underestimated since although somehow it appears as a more silent phenomenon, we do not know all the unforeseen effects that it may bring with it


Activities top

·         1st International Project Meeting -11/ 2009 ( Izmir / Turkey)

·       2nd International Project Meeting -  4/ 2010 ( Sofia/ Bulgaria)

·       3rd International project meeting –   8/2010 - 9/2010 (Estonia)

·       4th international project meeting – 2/2011 (Italy)

·       5th International project meeting and – 5/2011-6/2011 (Bulgaria)


Results top

The expected results from the project can be list as followed:

·          - small scale national survey on Bullism and an international comparison of data

·          - local and international compared results from the national workshops, carried out in each country.

·          - implementation  and updating of a project website

·          - production of some project leaflets

·          - organization of an “International training curriculum” of teachers on Bullism in Italy

·          - Realisation of a local seminar in Bulgaria where the final results of the project should be disseminated.

·          - production of the project booklet (electronic and paper version) on Bullism.


Stop@Bullism - curriculum

Stop@Bullism - project leaflet

Stop@Bullism - common booklet

link to the project web-site - Prhomos

Sustainability top

- Financial aspect – the function of the Public Councils – implemented on the voluntary principle of the participants

- Institutional level - establishment of the project structures (Public Councils)

- Policy level – improvement of the legal framework

Press Release


Gallarate, Italy - final meeting May 2011

Sofia, Bulgaria - meeting February 2011

Voru, Estonia - meeting October 2010

Sofia, Bulgaria - meeting April 2010

Izmir, Turkey - meeting November 2009


Duration top



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