CreInTwin  -  Creative Intercultural Twining 

(Europe for Citizens Program 1.2.2- Support measures) 



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Overview top

In the last years, migration has become one of the main phenomena that features EU, both internal and external migration. Due to this fact (in 2008 28 millions of EU citizens were foreigner), interculturality is present in almost all the EU cities and new skills to foster active citizens are needed. This project aims to give the possibility to participants to acquire knowledge and competences about town twinning, especially to promote networks in the field of intercultural dialogue. It will permit to share experiences and practices about interculturality promoting active participation of EU citizens and creativity. Moreover, it will train on resources, funds and possibilities to create town twinning in Europe, fostering the construction of creative tools for intercultural activities.


Partners top

     CESIE – Italy (coordinating organization)

    Camara Municipal de Portalegre – Portugal (partner)

    Continuous Action – Estonia (partner)

    Dia-sport Association – Bulgaria  (partner)

    Medsos – Greece (partner)

    OCRE – Portugal (partner)

    Pistes Solidaires – France (partner)

    Social Alternative Institute – Latvia (partner)

    Tukums Municipality – Latvia (partner)

    GDAC – Gabinete de Desenvolvimento Associativo e Cidadania – Portugal (partner)

    Progresit – Slovakia (partner)

    Civic Values Foundation – Bulgaria (partner)

    Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven – Spain  (partner)




Background top

General objectives:

·           Giving to citizens the opportunity to interact and participate in construction an ever closer Europe

·           Developing a sense of European identity, based on common values, history and culture

·           Fostering a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens

·           Enhancing tolerance and mutual understanding between citizens

Specific objectives:

·           Promote the concept of town twinning

·           Start, revitalize, and develop town twinning relationships

·           Develop new skills amongst those who are responsible for twinning activities at a local level.

Horizontal features:

·           Promoting European Values (tolerance, mutual understanding, solidarity, etc.)

·           Contributing to informal learning for active European citizenship 

·           Fostering a transnational approach with a local dimension (able to reach European citizens in their everyday lives)

·           Promoting cultural  and linguistic diversity

·           Fostering cross-fertilisation (synergies and wider multiplier effect) involving different types of organisations

      Phase 1:

1. Research on good practices: Firstly, each partner have to do a research on good practices about activities promoting interculturality in their cities or countries.

2.  Training course: Secondly, there will be a training about the Europe for Citizens Programme and the town twinning, specifically to develop a thematic cooperation in the field of intercultural dialogue. In a first moment, participants will acquire knowledge about the concept of town twinning and how to develop it with the EU resources, and will enhance their skills and competences to promote intercultural initiatives.

3.  Exchange of good practices: After that, there will be an exchange of the good practices researched, that will permit to develop ideas and to stimulate the creation of networks for the town twinning and new projects to be presented for the deadlines of 2010.

Phase 2:

1.  Creation of a Website: the partnership will collaborate in the creation of the Website of the project, in order to give visibility to the different actions and good practices, to promote the intercultural town twinning and to give support to participants in the development of their own future projects.

2.   Presentation of projects: participants will use their new skills and competences to write projects of town twinning, under the Action 1 of the Europe for Citizens Programme. During this phase, C.E.S.I.E will offer an on-line tutoring on project management through the Website, in order to help participants to develop their own projects in the field of the intercultural cooperation.


1.  Evaluation and follow up: in the final meeting participants will evaluate this project, the projects presented under the Action 1 and their results, as well as will collaborate in the organisation of a final intercultural event.

2.  Final intercultural event: this final activity will reflect the results of the exchange of good practices and will close the project with an activity promoting a positive intercultural identity.



Activities top


13/18 March 2010 – First project meeting /training / in Palermo, Italy

Results top

 - Developed project web-site;

 - Exchange of good practices;

 - Promotion of  the intercultural town twinning and support to participants in the development of their own future projects;

 - New skills and competences acquired by the participants.


Press releases top


Duration top

January 2010 – December 2010